This page was last updated on June 1, 2017

We have been requested to record the passing of SLCCV residents.  News on deaths does not always get circulated.   Listed below are deaths reported in the last several months.   Names are arranged alphabetically. 
The Recreation Department is the primary source for this information.  If you have information on a passing, please Email
We shall miss the following departed friends
[Grouped By The Period In Which Death Was Reported]
Deaths Reported
January 1, 2017  To Date
Ralph Cinelli
Lorene Collins
Marjorie Coyne
Jim DeWolfe
Joan Heichert
Kay Kulukowski
Theo Leblanc
Frank Liposky
Elena Murillo
Ruth Vercruysse
Lucille Willens
Don Pettingill
Bill Block
Bill McCurdy
Thomass Rec
William Daniell
Robert Heckel
Robert Higgins
Robert Siebold
Connie Marino
Mary Leavy
Richard McAlpin
John Bradley
Mary Penalba
Irene Thorne
Peggy Proctor
Deaths Reported
January 1, 2016 To December 31,2016

Lucille Agacinski
Frank Aloisi
Ann Angell
Tony Botello
Vickie Burnia
Richard Butler
Harry Carr
Robert Coggleshall
John Coleman
Ray Copley
Jim Denyer
Jack Dwyer
Lillian Ellis
Nancy Gookin
Bob Green
Emilia Guarino
Jim Hoke
Anthony Kovacs
David Melchionno
Mary Myers
Maurice Remling
Louis Seminara
Irene Shillace
Michael Silsby
Sue Silva
Tom Snow
Adie Sojka
Phyllis Stevens
Betty Stevenson
Warren Stevenson
David Surin
Anita Tudino
Lucy Von Eron
Charles Walther
Tony Wells